Causeway Card Campaign

Early Morning on Wilton/Tôt le matin sur Wilton

The sun rises over a frozen lake, as snow covered trees stand tall atop a silent cliff.

Use of this image donated by Ottawa’s envisionist artist, Bhat Boy. Bhat Boy has executed numerous public commissions and founded Ottawa’s Art in the Park and the Canadian Society for Art of Imagination.


Tôt le matin sur Wilton

Des arbres enneigés sont témoins d’un magnifique lever de soleil hivernal en pleine nature.

L'utilisation de cette image a été accordée par l'artiste visionnaire d'Ottawa, Bhat Boy. Bhat Boy a exécuté plusieurs commissions publiques et a fondé Art in the Park d'Ottawa et la Société canadienne de l'art de l'imagination.

About the campaign

Causeway Foundation’s signature fundraiser is the annual Greeting Card Campaign, where we sell greeting cards featuring vibrant images donated by local artists. When you send warm wishes to family, friends, and colleagues this year, share with them the beauty of our nation's capital and feel confident that you are supporting disadvantaged people in our community.