Causeway Card Campaign

The Stare/Le regard

Both menacing and passively bewildering, the polar bear stands as the symbol of a looming environmental disaster brought on by global warming. Even though it is the most formidable predator of the north, the polar bear is powerless against environmental changes and stares accusingly at us. The artist, Pierre Cloutier was inspired by this thought and by the inherent beauty of the bear. Hopefully, all is not lost. 

Le regard

À la fois menaçant et fascinant, l’ours polaire est devenu le symbole du réchauffement climatique. Ici, le plus grand prédateur du nord nous surveille d’un regard accusatoire, sachant qu’il est impuissant face aux changements environnementaux. L'artiste, Pierre Cloutier a été inspiré par de cette pensée et par la beauté de l’ours. Espérons que tout n'est pas perdu.

About the campaign

Causeway Foundation’s signature fundraiser is the annual Greeting Card Campaign, where we sell greeting cards featuring vibrant images donated by local artists. When you send warm wishes to family, friends, and colleagues this year, share with them the beauty of our nation's capital and feel confident that you are supporting disadvantaged people in our community.