Causeway Card Campaign

From Where the Light May Come

From Where the Light May Come:

Sleepy ice fishermen are oblivious to industrious elves descending from a spaceship to decorate Parliament Hill for the holidays.

About the artist:

Using a vector program, artist Ian Beanlands created this work for Causeway’s Holiday Card Campaign.  Ian studied architecture at Carleton University and has exhibited his oil paintings through the Clavis Studio. He is an artist, amateur musician and residential designer who lives in Toronto but has deep connections to Ottawa. He was inspired to donate this piece to Causeway by a personal connection to the challenges of living with mental illness.

About the campaign

Causeway Foundation’s signature fundraiser is the annual Greeting Card Campaign, where we sell greeting cards featuring vibrant images donated by local artists. When you send warm wishes to family, friends, and colleagues this year, share with them the beauty of our nation's capital and feel confident that you are supporting disadvantaged people in our community.